On Exhibition

Plague Blossom


Plague Blossom, 2020

Screen Printing

9 x 12″ in

A two layered piece that brings two completely different elements together. Some lively pink flowers that are comforting vs a modern plague doctor that is out of place with its surroundings. Our surroundings would look and feel much more different during the pandemic if our masks were the same as back then.

Piensas Mucho

Piensas Mucho, 2020

Screen Printing

9 x 7″ in

A two layered piece that causes one to think hard, in order to understand. Although it’s best to not put much thought into it, just as the spanish piece translates into, “if you think about it too much you’ll complicate it more”. Advice that is always good to hear.


Yerika | Biography


I decided to pursue Graphic Design, because I come from a small agriculture based town. I was often called upon to assist others in art related projects. Uncomfortable at first, I soon realized I truly enjoyed helping others that are not experienced in the arts to find ways to express what they wanted.
As a student studying the field of Graphic Design for the past few years, I’ve been discovering how to properly express the message that others have in mind to communicate their brand. I accomplish this by using a mixture of digital and traditional techniques. I am most passionate about the music industry and wish to challenge myself to help those artists get their message across. To begin, a firm understanding of what my client’s goals and who they are trying to connect with is central to my process of creating. This is what helps me be consistent and in line with the client’s views. I go through various designs and receive feedback from my peers before settling with a single design. My primary goal is to make sure the message that the client wants comes across clearly to everyone in a way that is appealing and unique but most of all memorable.
Visuals. Moments. Time.