A Field Trip to the Gallery

We welcomed our 5th grade friends from Las Animas Elementary School to explore our Gallery using a method being taught in class called "Inside Out". This method focuses on what the process is to create something (in) and how the final product is accomplished (out). Students not only got a chance to view our new exhibit "Spectrum" and our upcoming mirror exhibit "Infinity", but they also worked as Gallery attendants for a one-hour-mini-career-day. Our youthful guests were treated to new art, challenges, and games whilst enjoying snacks in our Courtyard.

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The High School: Podcast & Scooters

4 Minutes with Juniors. Las Animas High School records a podcast to discover Mark Twain's real name. Filmed completely by 11th graders, our new segment, "4 Minutes with Juniors", highlights 4 different experiences to explore while digesting the American novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". For balance, we suggest "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". Go Trojans!

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Short Term Space Rental | Pop Up Gallery

Over 15,500 sq. ft. of bright and open space with industrial high ceilings, that hosts up to 5,575 people. As a gallery and theatré, we showcase our own art exhibitions on an ongoing basis, but we are willing to accommodate a myriad of events during the gallery off hours. This beautiful gallery space is ideal for hosting speaker series, book signings, creative and library workshops, lectures, presentations, fundraisers, networking, corporate gatherings, recording sessions and more. Space rental includes access to our courtyard (accessible from within gallery) and lavatories.

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Newspaper headlines in 1908:


Newspaper headlines in 2023:

"STACE makes Southeast Colorado colorful".

A list of firsts.

The first African-American owned brick and mortar attractions in Las Animas. The first four-sided hand-painted mural in Las Animas. The brightest solar powered buildings in the city. The first company to offer go-green electric powered scooters. The first professional recording studio. The list continues. Social and racial injustices happen everyday. To eradicate this behavior our aim should be to educate one another of our cultural differences through positive and effective communication - instead of holding on to past ideology and idiotic thinking that kept us all bound. The wrongs of history can only be repaired by public acknowledgement and sincere steps towards a better future for everyone. We're here, along with the city of Las Animas, to show the world a better way.

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Artist sets up shop in Las Animas

"With melodramatic imagery inspired by the Pop Art era of the 60's, the teary-eyed woman depicted by local artist STACE is symbolic of the Native Americans displaced throughout history from the Trail of Tears to the Santa Fe Trail. The 25 foot hand painted woman looks towards the eastern rising sun to symbolize hope" - Dave Armstrong (Writer/Bent County Democrat).

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Spectrum | New Exhibit

The wide range of self. Exploring the visual concept of self-produced frequency, charge and energy. Past studies show that color is an important perceptual feature of six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. How many layers of yourself are you aware of? What colors do others see in you? How is your light affected when others are near? Opening Spring 2023

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Pink Pueblo

Brother Maars hails from New York and had always wanted an excuse to come to Colorado. He has done similar work on both coasts, but Colorado called to him as a great place to slow down and experience something new. “That great interruption is an ever-occurring thing in New York” he said. “Here, it happens, but it’s so different and far less often.”

While in residence at the Three Twenty Gallery, Brother Maars created three full pieces and has another two in progress.

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