Stasia Mobbs was born and raised on the Eastside of Atlanta in a home where academia and higher learning were prioritized and expected. Additionally, Stasia’s curiosity for artistry, music and creativity was cultivated and highly encouraged.


In 2010, Stasia married her husband, Otha L. Mobbs, which afforded her the opportunity to relocate to Northern California. Here is where Mrs. Mobbs started her official teaching career, beginning with 3rd and 4th grade Child Development and later working up to a collegiate position as a Professional Development instructor.


Through teaching, she found her true passion and desire to help people, especially young girls and women, realize their deepest potential and worth by focusing on self care, internal motivation, and embracing their whole selves. Her teachings infuse spirituality, truth & realness, fun, and a whole lot of love giving her audience an experience they will never forget.


Her favorite mantra is “I look in the mirror and see God”.

Stasia is currently a stay-at-home dog mom and the CEO/Creative Director of her own crafting and events coordinating business “Made by Mrs. Mobbs”.