“One of our biggest gifts as humans in a world of suffering is to create. For we are innovators and healers with more power than we often give ourselves credit for. And one of our greatest challenges is embracing our responsibility in wielding that very gift. ” -K.L.

Current Works
WIP (Untitled)
W.I.P (Untitled)
30" x 30" x .75" | Canvas - Mixed Media
8" x 8" x 1.5" | Mixed Media on Wooden Canvas

K.L. (Kelli Lynn) is a multi-faceted, mixed-media, Tarot-artist, sensual-expressionist, alternative-thinker, intuitive-channeler,  underground-poet, modern-mystic, other-worldly-being, hater-of-labels, and lover-of-words.

She pushes boundaries of spiritual and societal concepts while marrying them to the human condition in a myriad of bold, tangible, and beautiful art forms with the goal of integrating fragmented pieces of the human psyche via subconscious images and thought-provoking texts.

She sees each creation as a form of language to the outside world, a way of initiating a deep conversation, all the while respecting her own boundaries as well as the viewer by allowing them the space to grow by taking what is offered without expectations.