Kelli Lynn 


Mixed-Media Sculptural Painting – Triptych on wooden panels

24.5″ x 8.875″ x 5.5″

“We are inseparable from nature, and just as important, for like God’s of olden mythos, we play a part in what we create and what we destroy.  If we continue to ignore how we are all connected from the earth, to the sea, to the stars in the heavens, we can drown under the weight of our insatiable opulence when we could have paid homage to our collective home and truly risen.”  -K.L.


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Hand-sculpted from oil-based clay, featuring gold leafing, driftwood, seashells, tree bark, seed pods, branches, obsidian, recycled gold chain, beads, wire mesh, and other hardware.  All work is composed of at least 50% (often local) organic and/or recycled materials.


Ready for hanging using weight-appropriate nails for slight downward angle viewing (hooks for more forward angle).  This piece can be mounted a number of ways from flush to separate.  Adjust lighting to play with shadows and reflective surfaces.  Avoid extreme and prolonged direct heat.  Handle with care. Comes with special dusting brush for regular cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 1.74 kg
Dimensions 62.23 × 22.54 × 13.97 cm

The artwork is shipped as 3 separate pieces and arrives unmounted. Price does not include mounting and framing. Please allow 5-7 business days to prepare your order.

Please Note

Your monitor may not reflect subtle details within the work, including the character of the paint. No flash photography is used during our documenting process. Any “glare-like” areas are painting effects intended by the artist.

Weight & Dimensions

Total (stacked) 
weight: 3 lbs 8.4 oz
24.5" x 8.875" x 5.5"

Part 1:
weight: 15.9 oz
8.625" x 8.5" x 5.5"

Part 2:
weight: 1 lb 2.5 oz
8.125" x 8.125" x 4.75"

Part 3:
weight: 1 lb 5.8 oz
10.75" x 8.375" x 4.75"

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